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The story of MOX

The founder of MOX Baby shoes is Jolien Gielleit. The story of MOX started when Jolien finished her studies ‘Fashion and Branding’ at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2015. For her graduation project Jolien had to do a lot of research on ikat textile from Indonesia. After learning more and more about this special fabric, she fell in love with it!
During this time a niece was born. Jolien decided to combine her new love for ikat textile with an old love: sewing baby wear. As a gift for her new born niece, Jolien made a pair of baby moccasins from a piece of ikat and a piece of leather. And there they were: the first pair of MOX baby shoes!


Ikat is an ancient weaving technique used to pattern the fabric, prior to the weaving. It’s a labor-intensive craft; the making of one sarong can last up to 6 months! The ikat differs in color, motif and meaning by place! Because of the primitive culture of Indonesia, ideas and values are expressed in textile. The fabric not only fulfills a functional role; it also fulfills a very symbolic one. For example, textile is an important part of inheritance and dowries. It is also often used as a bargaining chip. And the textile is a sign of wealth and prestige. Often the motives are symbolic of the social position of the wearer.

New life

Sadly, the beautiful traditional craft of ikat starts to become increasingly rare. There are less and less people who master this authentic craft since the younger generation moves to the cities.

The ikats used in the collection are over 25-year-old and come from Flores, a big island in eastern Indonesia. By using antique ikat in our designs, we create one-of-a-kind baby shoes with a story and at the same time we give this precious textile a beautiful new life.

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